The diary of a Aussie Lingerie Designer
Age of Intimacy is a Sydney based lingerie label that launched in 2011. It started pretty much on its own as Jess made one-offs for her friends styling shoots and developed from there. Age of Intimacy is passionate about supporting the local market and so believes the garments should be Australian made. A fair price is paid to have each garment made by experts in Australia.
With the help of Jess’ younger sister, Penny, the team have created something amazing. Jess is the creative force behind the label while Penny is behind the scenes handling the production and locations for their theatrical photo shoots. The designs reflect the different personalities a woman can have and each line is built around a character. Indie Rose is at the core of the label and is an extension of Jess’ personality – flamboyant and whimsical. Still to be birthed are Poppy and Saffron – young and playful, and Charlotte – curvaceous and self-confident.

Jess and Penny grew up in Broken Hill Outback NSW and had a very creative up-bringing. Jess got inspired about lingerie after making the Top 12 of the 2009 Triumph Inspiration Competition. As a result, Jess’ Graduation Collection was created around four unique lingerie bodies.
And thus Age of Intimacy was born.